TFA Post-Mortem: Environement in UDK

This post will be about my End-of-Year project which I presented in June and August 2013.
I’ll talk about the Project itself, how it turned during the year and some technical aspects.


For this exercise we were asked to personalize and present a complete UDK scene based on a real medieval gate of Namur in Belgium, we were given an old picture which wasn’t really precise.

ZBrush Character sculpt

It was an old engraving of the “Saenial Door”. There was some difficulties by using it as a reference. First point is that the perspectives of the image was false in several parts and seeing good volumes for the 3D realisation was a first challenge. I also had to make a few research for détails and materials and during my research I discovered that the place represented on the image wasn’t the right one because on the plans Saenial door opened on a simple crossed-street and the place we see in the picture was in fact an other door of the town’s enclosure.


The background idea of my project can be resumed like this:
“A Burlesque themed circus arrived in an old little city lost in the bayou and soaked with voodoo culture.”
The idea was that the player would be controlling a member of the circus that will be involved in a war between Lwas (voodoo spirits).”
The player could choose which circus character play and would have to do missions for some Lwas and, as a reward, he/she will be able to use some of the Lwas powers to prevent that coming war.

I had to do some graphic researches before starting the production. For the environment I wanted a good contrast between the town and the Circus who came from outside.
When I designed it I wanted a dark and very misty swamp where you can hear some animals you don’t always know what it is, and right there the circus arrived with its colored lamps and it’s music. Circus members putting their caravans here and there, and finally putt some life in this town.
The textures of the house are grey stone or dark wood all dirty and soiled and right beside the circus assets used more colored palette with particularly red touches to remind de Burlesque.

ZBrush Character sculpt



First I made a blocking volume based on the differents reference I found and had to correct it a couple times before having something good enough. Only after that I started do get de houses done in 3D. I planned to use a lot of tileable textures in the scene, some bricks and tiles have been sculpted in Zbrush and assembled to create a tiling texture baked from sculpt. Others have been made from images, most picked on cgtexture.
Got a little help for the lighting because it wasn’t really my best skill.

3D wip 3D wip

Altough I had a lot of trouble during the project.
First I had to redo most of my animation because I had issues with the FBX import in UDK. I used to look for the problem during 2 or 3 days and still didn’t figured it out. ANd that’s just one of the problems I got.

And finally here are the final pics.

  • Caramie_UDK008
  • Caramie_UDK007
  • Caramie_UDK005
  • Caramie_UDK006
  • Caramie_UDK004
  • Caramie_UDK003
  • Caramie_UDK002

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