TFA Post-Mortem: Character pipeline

This blog post will be about the evolution of the Character I created for my End-of-Year school project.
I think this post could be interresting because it will talk about all the process of the project, the goods parts and the bad ones.

The Concept

My character had to fit the universe of my project, I decided to create one of the burlesque Circus members. It was hard to choose wich function she would have, I didn’t want to go in the classics but still wanted to have a function people would recognize. I designed differents types of clothes wich one having its function in the circus: horse rider, gymnast, … I also think about a snake tamer to link with the Voodoo environement.


After some researchs I simply picked my favorite one and did some more, to see how I could improve it. The final and most difficult part was the choose of the colors.


caramie_colortest2 Caramie_Beautyshot_painting Caramie_Zaya_weapon


Caramie_FullShaderI used a basic pipelin involving Zbrush for the highpoly mesh and all the details.
First I had to find a good body shape, following my concepts I wanted her to fit the “cabaret” theme of the circus and having a nice silhouette but not a totally slim body.
Her braid was sculpted horizontally to ease the bakings and the rigging (but I replaced it on her body after the export for the beautyshots).
The trickiest part of the sculpt was the drape in her back, it took quite a long time to find folds that are nice to the eye and logical for the hanging textile, first I sculpted it in Symmetry to gin some time and just came back on some details to break it. Finally I was quite satisfied by the result.

Another hard moment was the collar, because of it’s “Z” shape the bakes were quite a pain and I had to try multiple times to finally have something correct.

For the retopo I used a friend’s tool : Froyok’s FroRetopo for Maya.
The Texture were done by hand in Photoshop.
I used some material image to add a more realistic feeling to the clothes. Because of the stripes on the legs I made straight rectangle UV island for the legs, with this the stripes follows the curves of the legs like a real thight would do. The skin and the eye were done by hand using the differents backed maps.

Caramie_Normalmap2 Caramie_character_sculpt


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