GameJam: Ponnie Tailor & the Radiobot Factory

I’d like to present a Game I participated during a Gamejam this month.

For this gamejam we were dispatched in groups of 5-6 people (artists and developpers) and we had 4 days to create a game with these conditions:
It has to be done with PixelArt designs, run with LuaLove and use the general theme “Overdrive”.


Since this was organised as a class project we had to follow the school hours ( 8am to 6pm) but still we could work at home if needed.
Also we had to work with people we didn’t always knew because of the groups, even with this we managed to put all our energy in this little game and work together.
This experience was a way to create the groups for our Final year project.
I really think this was a good idea to force us to work together on a little project so we could see how the others are working, their capabilities and how everyone manage to communicate and manage themselves in the group. This was a very good start!



GenerateurYou play Ponnie Taylor, a who’s job is to clean space garbage.
You find a big abandonned ship on your duty and since it is abandonned and in a really bad state your job is to destroy it.
Since you’re not equiped for such a big trash you decide to make it blow up by surcharging it’s reactor. But the ship was a mobile factory and the robots tries to stop you from destroying their home.

I mainly worked on the ennemies design and the UI, the idea was in the future everything is robotised.
You have your GarbageBot, your ToasterBot, … and your RadioBot.

Player Death

At first the ennemy would have been all these little robots which still after the crew has abandonned the ship, but since it was a GameJam and we didn’t had much time we only made one.
Seeing all these Radiobots floating around made us think ” who would have so much radios? They spawn everywhere like it’s a factory” and we change a little from the original background.

RadioBotI designed the radiobot and some other “Bots” concepts and made the sprites and animations. Since we had to fill the envirronement I also did some props (dispensers, cables & reactor) and the player death and battery animation.
For all the animations we used Piskel and for the props we used photoshop.
Even if everything didn’t did to the final build I’m very happy with the look of our game.
It made me discover pixelArt and this was a lot of fun!


BatteryThe gameplay is quite simple you have to explore the ship to find battery you’ll have to use in order to power-up the reactor enough to blow it up.
The robots tries to stop you and your spacesuit will not last eternally. You can only pick up one battery at a time and you can choose to use one to boost your suit but it will disappear.
The difficulty is to manage how much you battery you can use and to find the more efficient way to the reactor to avoid loosing precious time.

You can download the game here!
(Playable only with a gamepad)

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