Nationality: Belgian


French – Mothertongue
English – Good knowledge
Dutch – Basic knowledge

CGFX – Good knowledge
Lua – Basic knowledge

Software Skills

• Unity
• Unreal Engine 4
• Substance Designer
• Maya
• zBrush
• Marmoset Toolbag
• Photoshop
• 3D-Coat

• Perforce

About me

Hi, I am Camille Rosen, aka Caramie, I’m student in Graphic Design at HEAJ in Namur Belgium.
I always liked playing video games and grew up with them. My first experience was on my sister’s SegaSaturn and after I got my own games on my Gameboy, Playstation,… and so on. Even if I liked those games I never thinked of making them… Since now.
I started to draw since I was a kid and I always liked to draw especially characters. I’ve always wanted do live by my art skills but I only started 3D when I started to study at HEAJ (Namur) in 2010. At first I choose to learn video games because I wanted to learn something else, something new. I wasn’t disapointed because video games as such different fields and is still evolve so much there’s always something new to learn and it is also a unique experience when you see something you’ve created really comes to life.


2010-2016 : Student at HEAJ in Video Game option (Namur, Belgium)

–  Internship at Vetasoft as 3D and Environment artist on BumpRock. (Mons, Belgium)

For 3 months I was in charge of creating the assets and creating the map of the Village where all the cutscenes will take places. I was given the concepts of the different character’s houses and I had to adapt and realise them so we could shot the scenes from the outside and the inside of the different houses.

Internship at Enigami as Level builder & Environment artist on Shiness. (Lille, France)

For 3 months I was in charge of the map known as “MantaraCity” in UDK, my job was to use the assets given to me to recreate the environements as close as possible to the original concepts. Sometimes when assets where missing I had to modelise some. I was my first real experience in the VideoGames industry and I really enjoyed it.

2010 : Highschool graduate of Saint-Hubert (Bruxelles, Belgium)

– Specialisations : Art and English.